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Pavel Žahourek
2 min readJul 13, 2021

Let me tell you a story about me and my passion for computers.

Ever since since I was about 9 years old my family owned a personal computer. Since about my age of 13 I became interested in computer hardware. I also love testing pre-released software as part of the Windows inside program. It is wonderful to see that the feedback I provided helps make important steps to improve the services at Microsoft.

With this blog I would like to emulate this and consider you, the reader, my insider. I encourage you to give me feedback on every piece of my work you end up reading. I am new to the platform and would like to use this to improve my writing and story telling to make engaging and useful content for all my readers.

Having long years of experience setting up, specking out and maintaining computers and phones is a good start to provide some kind of credibility to give you a reason to read my posts but it does not automatically translate to being the best blog you have ever read.

I am planning to maintain this blog for a long time and intend do the best I can to keep improving to remain relevant in the vast tech space. Your suggestions are important to me and all of them will be taken into account when building out this blog as a place of community where my blog post will become a suggestion for a conversation. That way we can learn from each other and all of us will be educated and inspired.

It has been a dream of mine to work for a system integrator or computer retail store. Since I was born with a disability I am unable to carry the heavy boxes full of hardware to be placed on store shelves. Instead I have decided to create the website to share my knowledge with all of you.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog and do not forget to follow and comment to help me improve and better understand what you need.

Pavel Žahourek

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