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Curation Did Not Work for Me

Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

Every single story or article I write is a unique experience. I have more than 60 pieces of content here on Medium. I believe that each of these pieces of content is worth sharing. …

It Is Not Worth the Price

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

About a month ago, I set up an experiment. I shared why I bought Grammarly premium, and now it is time to reflect on the results.

Let me first recap a little about the reasons why I pulled the trigger and bought the Grammarly Premium subscription.I have been using the…

But Not as Soon as You Think

Photo by Windows on Unsplash

Windows 11 is set to start rolling out to eligible devices on October 5th. But that does not mean every eligible device will receive Windows 11 at the same time. Some of you may be waiting even a couple of months.

In this article, I want to share my understanding…

You Can Learn a Lot From It

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

If you are like me, you probably like to look at your Medium Statistics quite often. When you look at the stats, you probably have some immediate response. Either positive or negative. You can feel the joy or frustration.

If you are new to writing on Medium, you are probably…

Think Twice Before You Say It

Taking inspiration from struggles with disabiliy
Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

I was born with a visible disability, and some people, when they see me, make the following statement:

“You are an inspiration”

If you know someone who is visibly disabled, I would encourage you to think twice before making comments like that one.


Much More Than You Think

Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

I will give you a rundown of things that Google themselves admits that they know about you. Google gathers information about you from all the Google services you use.

It would be hard to come up with the list of Google services you are using because you may be using…

And Still Have the Freedom in Writing

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Since the very beginning of my writing career, I have struggled with the idea of a niche. What is it? Do I need it? And how do I find one for me?

Read on to find answers to these questions

What Is a Niche?

One of the definitions provided by states that niche…

Do Not Want To Show the Weakness

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

I am one of those people who often look like a bundle of joy, but sometimes I smile and laugh to cover up my insecurities and other issues.

There are only two things that I cover up by smiling. One is being shy when I meet a girl I fancy…

Coming to terms with reality

Photo by daniel James on Unsplash

When I wrote the article “My respect and desire for gender equality,” I thought I respected my LGBT friends. Still, the experiences I had ever since that first post made me aware of my biases and internal struggles.

Please take this piece as an open and honest acknowledgment of my…

Elimination Method

screenshot by the author from

I have been contemplating buying an iPhone for quite some time. I have even looked at some benefits and disadvantages in my article called four things to consider before buying an iPhone. I wrote this article over two months ago. …

Pavel Žahourek

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